NJIT Albert Dorman Honors College Student Council Constitution


Article I. Name


The organization shall be known as the NJIT Albert Dorman Honors College Student Council.


Article II. Purpose


The Albert Dorman Honors Council represents the student body of the Honors College; carries out projects and actions with the aim of improving the Honors experience; serves as a means for the honors students to voice their opinions and offer suggestions to the administration for the betterment of the college; and acts as a liaison between the student body and the administration of the Albert Dorman Honors College.


The Constitution of the Honors Student Council defines the responsibilities of those elected by the students of the Albert Dorman Honors College and those officers appointed by the Council and/or higher administration. The Constitution provides guidelines to ensure the smooth running of the Council in order to enable it to perform services for the college and the student body. 


Article III. The Officers and the Members


A.   The officers of the Council are:

§  President

§  Vice President

§  Secretary

§  Treasurer

§  Public Relations Manager

B.    The voting members of the Council are:

§  President

§  Vice President

§  Secretary

§  Treasurer

§  Public Relations Manager

C.    Committee Heads

§  Social Committee Chair(s)

§  Community Service Committee Chair(s)

§  Kennedy Center Chair(s)

D.   Class Representatives

§  Freshman Class Representative

§  Sophomore Class Representative

§  Junior Class Representative

§  Senior Class Representative

E.    Media Officers

§  Publications Manager

§  Graphic Designer

§  Web Developer 


Article IV. The Duties of the Officers


All officers of the council must attend the general meetings (held once every two weeks or when the President calls for one) and must complete 3 office hours per week. At least one representative must attend the Annual Honors Freshman Retreat.



  • Oversees the running of the Council and all committees associated with the Council.
  • Possesses hard copies of every event, meeting, proposal, fundraiser, and all activities associated with the Council.
  • Acts as a liaison between the Council and the administration.
  • Ensures that the responsivities of everyone involved on a Council project are met.
  • Prepares a report to the Board of Visitors about the events and happenings of the Honors Students.
  • Periodically meets with the deans of the Honors College about various concerns and questions.


Vice President

  • Maintains contact with all of the representatives and the committee heads.
  • Relays any information regarding the activities of the representatives and the heads of the communities to the President.
  • Assists the committees when necessary.
  • Governs meetings when the President is unable to perform his or her duties.
  • Responsible for the overseeing and organizing the feedback session for the Albert Dorman Honors College.
  • Responsible for overseeing and organizing the feedback sessions for Honors Students for their respective colleges.



  • Transcribes minutes of every meeting and records attendance at the meetings.
  • Prepares and distributes agenda before each meeting.
  • Sends meeting minutes to council after meeting.
  • Keeps records of meetings, proposals, committee events, and transactions.
  • Assists other officers in written transactions, when necessary.



  • Maintains an accurate, up-to-date assessment of the Council’s monetary situation, including those of the committees.
  • Provides a means with which the Council and the committees can access funds.
  • Keeps a running record of all transactions, proposals, and approvals for funds.


Public Relations Manager

  • Oversees that all Public Relations tasks are completed.
  • Delegate Public Relations duties to Media Officers
    • Update social media and website.
    • Create and publish event flyers.
    • Create logos and designs for the Council and for committees as needed


Article V. The Duties of the Members


All members of the council must attend the general meetings (held once every two weeks or when the President calls for one), must complete 1.5 office hours per week, and must attend the Annual Honors Freshman Retreat.


Class Representatives

  • Act as a liaison between the Council and the respective student body.
  • Inform the respective student body of any Council developments.
  • Obtain feedback from the students regarding the college.
  • Relay information to the Vice President and President.
  • Plan events for the respective student body (including fundraising).
  • Assist other council members in planning and organizing events as needed.


Social Committee Chair(s)

  • Plan fun events that encourage a social atmosphere among the honors students, in particular between commuters and non-commuters and between freshmen and upperclassmen.
  • Provide an opportunity for students to engage in community service that benefits their fellow honors students.
  • Provide a place for students to have leadership roles and have a voice in planning out events that will have a direct impact on their honors campus community.
  • Work with treasurer to maintain records of money raised/spent during events.
  • Hold at least three events per semester (not including fundraisers).


Community Service Committee Chair(s)

  • Organize and conduct community service projects for individual and/or groups of Honors scholars.
  • Maintain an accurate committee balance to be given to the Treasurer.
  • Document attendance at community service events.
  • Attend community service events that are organized by the committee.


Kennedy Center Chair(s)

  • Maintain a friendly atmosphere in the honors lounge and computer lab.
  • Document the hours of computer lab and lounge monitors.
  • Stay in contact with lab and lounge monitors to ensure that they are attending their respective time slots and enforcing the rules set forth by administration.
  • Provide snacks for the lounge and sell them at a profitable price.
  • Ensure proper behavior/use of facilities in the honors lounge and computer lab.
  • Address issues occurring in honors lounge and computer lab.
  • Relay complaints and information to the E-board and Administration.
  • Suggest improvements for the Honors Lounge.
  • Maintain an accurate committee balance to be given to the Treasurer.


Media Officer(s)

  • Publications Manager
    •    Create and publish event flyers for the Council and for committees.
    • Foster social media presence of the Council.
  • Graphic Designer
    • Create logos and designs for the Council and for committees.
  • Web Developer
    • Develop and maintain Council website and voting system


Article VI. The Election Procedures


  • Officers and representatives of the Council are to be elected info office.
  • Elections will be held once every school year, during the Spring semester. *
  • Freshman representative elections will be held at the beginning of every Fall semester.
  • Students who wish to run for a position must have a minimum GPA of 3.2 and will be, at least, a sophomore at the start of the next semester.
  • Students who wish to run for the position President of Council must have previous experience as a member of the Council if at least one semester.
  • Students must have at least one nomination from an Honors student to be eligible to run for office.
  • A student can not be placed on the ballot unless his/her consent is obtained, regardless of the nominations he/she has received.
  • If a new position or committee is added to the Council, the administration and the current Council officers and members will choose three students to run for office.
  • Each student participating in the election must prepare a speech to be delivered the day of the election.
  • Ballots will be conducted online.
  • All students of the Honors College are eligible to vote.
  • Elections will be run by the Honors Student Council.
  • Committee heads will appoint a successor.


* If there is a vacant position during the semester, HSC will set up an application process and the executive board will vote on which candidate will take the new position.


Article VII. Attendance


The officers and the members are required to attend every meeting of the Council. Only one non-excusable absence is permitted per semester (absences due to emergencies are excused). Subsequent absences will be penalized by the Council (punishment will vary by Council judgement).


Article VIII. Resignations


Any Council member wishing to resign must notify the Council two weeks prior to date of resignation. Temporary replacements should be found within those two weeks by the resigning officer, or member, with the aid of the Council pending permanent appointment by the Council.


Article IX. Amendments


Proposals for amendments may be brought forward by any voting member of the body.


Proposals may not be voted upon at the same meeting at which they are brought up. Amendments proposed and approved as above take effect when approved by a 2/3 vote of all members of the Council. The change(s) shall be promptly posted to the Honors Student Council website.